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A word from Robert Beard, Christmas 20162016 CCA Christmas Tree Event

What We Used to Do

At Pay4Freight, in past years, we had a holiday tradition that involved treating the staff to a nice dinner at a nice restaurant celebrating the year’s accomplishments. Although that has always been appreciated and well-received, it also became a bit routine and expected and lacking in luster or purpose.

A New Idea

Over the past few months, I’ve been reflecting on the idea of corporate responsibility. I started thinking more and more about how businesses could do more than provide employment for staff and service to customers. Whenever possible, a business or organization should give back to the larger community.

And so the idea to give something back to the community instead of having our regular Christmas dinner took shape.

Embraced by the Staff

When I mentioned this to the staff at Pay4Freight, they embraced the idea with such enthusiasm and true holiday spirit, that we all knew that a new tradition had been created.

Our First Charity Christmas

For our first annual charity drive I chose Christian Community Action as this organization serves our local area in the many ways. The main focus is: Essential Training and Life Skills, Crisis and Relief Services, and Spiritual Care.

They were hosting a toy drive to collect toys for underprivileged kids. I felt was an activity that would light up the lives of kids and also provide us with a true sense giving this holiday season. In addition, it serves as an example to our own children to show them the value of helping others.

A couple of days ago we had an office drawing so we could fill the individual gift requests. Then on 12-6-2016, all local employees met at the local mall to deliver all the purchased gifts to the kids.

We had the best Christmas celebration ever and this event has sparked a commitment from our staff for additional community involvement programs for the betterment of people and families who live and work where we live and work.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Robert Beard