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robert-beardAfter over twenty years in the transportation industry and holding several consecutive executive management positions, Robert Beard, owner of decided it was time to make a big change and become an entrepreneur.  It is his dream to make small carriers’ lives easier by creating a much simpler process among other competitors in the market.

Offering Flat Rate Programs With No Reserve

To start, he has done this by offering a simple flat rate program with no reserve.  No long term contracts exist at Pay4Freight.  Plus, he has given carriers the ability to get an instant answer 24/7 when inquiring about the credit status of a broker.  Among others, one of the major benefits early on that separates Pay4Freight apart from the competition is the carrier’s ability to fax or scan paperwork for same day funding.  Robert has begun offering a mobile application through TripPak to help carriers save more time and money in sending their paperwork for immediate cash.

How Robert Continue to Innovate Moving Forward?

When asked how he could possibly improve upon the already impeccable program he has to offer carriers at Pay4Freight, he answered by stating that he will continue offering technology solutions to small carrier fleets become more efficient while saving them money.  Established over five years ago, Pay4Freight has helped almost 700 carriers with their cash flow needs by purchasing invoices from over 7,000 freight brokers and direct shippers across the country.  Robert says in the end, the heart and soul of Pay4Freight is our genuine concern to help these carriers grow into thriving small businesses.