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Would You Want One?

The Maven Co-Pilot™ addresses truck driver fatigue and distraction- a primary cause of injury and physical damage in the trucking industry. With nearly 500,000 yearly accidents costing on average $60,000 each, the issue of prevention is a $30B question for the transportation industry. Existing technologies vigorously monitor location (GPS) and mechanical systems (e.g., tire pressure regulators). However, the human operator remains unprotected. This is a key concern as 90% of accidents are attributable to operator error. The Maven Co-Pilot™ is the first wearable device designed to shield truck drivers from fatigue and distraction. The Co-Pilot helps keep professional drivers alert so they arrive Safe & Sound™.

Maven Smart Headset for driver safetyWearable Solution

The Maven Co-Pilot™ is an unobtrusive solution that uses state of the art sensors mounted on a comfortable headset. Smart (i.e., learning) algorithms can detect the subtle differences between mirror checking and moments of micro-sleep aka ‘head-bobs’. If a fatigue threshold is crossed, the headset alerts the operator. The hands-free Bluetooth® headset is designed for commercial use and has the advantage of being sturdier and more comfortable than entry-level brands. The Co-Pilot allows frictionless adoption by providing drivers with an upgraded safe-communications device while giving fleet managers detailed insight to driver behavior and alertness.

API / Dashboards

The value of our patent pending system lies in how we process data from the array of sensors. We gather data in real-time from 13 unique sensors. Simple processing is managed directly on the app (and continues even when Internet connection is lost.) Our cloud receives the data and is used to manage data, mine data, and provide reports. What’s more, Co-Pilot output can be fused with outside systems through our API. For example, Co-Pilot accelerometers might corroborate an alarm triggered by the vehicle’s brake sensor signaling a ‘hard braking event.’ What’s more, the Co-Pilot can essentially rewind the operator’s behavior immediately prior to critical situations. In this regard, the cloud-stored Co-Pilot data is an excellent source for performance reviews, training materials, and accident forensics.

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After contacting the company we learned that at this time, these headsets are made available only to fleets, but if you would be interested in this technology, please contact the company so they can be aware of the potential market in owner operators.