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“Teamwork” in the Trucking Industry

A “team” can consist of anyone who works with you or for you. Even smaller companies usually have at least one person helping them, so there’s teamwork involved even if it’s a team of two. Often it’s the trucker’s spouse or grown children.

“Teamwork” describes the combined efforts of anybody who works together to achieve a common goal. Just because your trucking operation has two or more people working together, however, doesn’t necessarily mean teamwork is being fully embraced. Here are some random observations and suggestions related to teamwork – our value of the month.

Teamwork Creates Energy

Working towards clear goals (e.g., doing a good job each and every time so more loads can be secured from the same clients) can give everyone on your team a boost of energy. This feeling of energy can easily be created with a two-person team. And if that other “team member” happens to be a spouse, son, or daughter, making the extra effort to communicate goals and expectations could also improve things on a personal level.

Teamwork Contributes to Efficiency

Within most trucking operations, including smaller ones, there’s a need to deal with the people who handle truck maintenance work and other responsibilities, even if that work is outsourced. Taking steps to show appreciation for anyone who does work directly or indirectly for your trucking business can provide a much-appreciated efficiency boost.

For example, mechanics who regularly do work on your vehicles who feel appreciated may go beyond what’s in their job descriptions and proactively point out potential issues that should be corrected sooner rather than later. Being able to take care of such tasks proactively can result in some noticeable savings. You may also have fewer surprise breakdowns and other inconveniences that could affect your customers and your reputation.

Team Driving Presents Opportunities and Challenges

As long as we’re on the subject of teamwork, let’s discuss team driving. Some trucking companies are pairing drivers together to minimize issues with driver fatigue and improve the overall efficiency of deliveries. Other companies train new drivers by creating temporary partnerships.

Drivers sometimes appreciate having a helping hand from a partner and see the experience as an opportunity to improve their teamwork skills. If you happen to have a smaller operation, team driving can also be a great, hands-on way to bring another person on board. If your other driver isn’t someone you already know, it can be helpful to:

Take some time to get to know your new driver (if possible) before bringing them along on hauls (e.g., starting them off with some office tasks before bringing them with you on the road to share driving duties)
Give your other driver a way to voice any complaints constructively without feeling that their job is in jeopardy
Seek feedback from other drivers or two-person company owners you may know who use the team driving method to see if there are things you can do the make the experience more mutually beneficial and productive

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