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December is the perfect month to embrace the value of generosity. It’s also a value that truckers and owner-operators can take to heart throughout the year. Generosity typically means doing something beneficial for someone else without expecting anything in return. What’s great about generosity is that there are several ways truckers can embrace this value.

Be Generous by Supporting Trucking-Related Charities

An excellent way to be generous is by taking time to do something wonderful for other truckers likely to appreciate such efforts. There are many amazing trucker-oriented charities that can allow you to be generous in this way. Some of the most notable ones include:

  • Meals for 18 Wheels: This is a group that helps deliver hot meals to truckers.
  • Truckers can be quickly reunited with their families in times of crisis with help from this organization.
  • Trucker Charity: This group provides a broad range of assistance for truckers, including resources for truckers that become stranded as a result of a natural disaster.

Be Generous by Reconnecting People with Lost Pets

Truckers are frequently making long trips due to the nature of their profession. This means you’ll be more likely to be in a position to carry four-legged little friends along with you. A great way to be generous with your cabin space in this way is to become part of Operation Roger, a group that helps transport lost pets or ones saved from shelters.

Be Generous with Your Time

Even with limited time when you’re not behind the wheel, there are some ways you can be generous with the personal time you have. If you have loved ones back at home, this might involve finding time to Skype or send text messages to remain connected when you can’t be together in person. You could also be generous with your time while on the road by:

  • Sharing meals with other truckers at truck stops along your way
  • Simply listening to fellow truckers if they need someone to talk to about situations only other truckers can understand
  • Volunteering at local soup kitchens or similar places along your route when you have off-hours

Be Generous with Your Ideas

Whether you are a driver working for a small or mid-sized company or an owner-operator, odds are you sometimes come up with ideas that could be useful for others in the trucking industry. If you think of something creative, innovative, or even a bit out-of-the-box that could make things easier or more efficient on a larger scale, be generous and share your ideas!

Be Generous with How You Care for Yourself

Lastly, don’t forget to be just as generous when it comes to how you care for yourself as a trucker. This means doing things for yourself that are mentally and physically beneficial, such as:

  • Learning relaxation techniques you can do just about anywhere to remain mentally focused
  • Paying attention to your exercise and eating habits
  • Finding a proper work-life balance

Another way to be generous with yourself as a trucker is to find ways to ease your stress. A common source of stress for owner-operators, in particular, is maintaining a steady flow of revenue. One way to minimize this ongoing problem is to explore your options with freight factoring, an invoice purchasing program that can offer many appealing financial benefits.

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