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“If, at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.” We’re all familiar with the phrase but many people don’t realize that perseverance is a package that contains within it, a few other qualities.

Many of the most
successful people have failed many times over on their road to success. Being able to fail successfully means separating yourself from the thing that failed. You are not the failure! Something did not work the way you thought it would. So what?  Are we humans supposed to be perfect? Successful failure requires you to separate who you are from what happened then ask the questions:

– How did it happen?

– Why did it happen?

– How can I have prevented it from happening?

– What can I do differently next time?


If you’ve failed, it’s important not to beat yourself up. Learn from mistakes and forgive yourself for making them. You are only human and no human is perfect. If you don’t forgive yourself for being human and making mistakes, a lot of your energy will be spent focused on the past instead of being in the present. And as they say, the present is the only place we can make any kind of change.


Having failed once, many people don’t want to risk failing again.  It takes courage to get up, dust yourself off and try something with an uncertain outcome again. The alternative is to shy away from challenges and obstacles and never to try anything. That’s is shrinking from life and will not make you happy.

When something is hard, we may prefer to leave it for later or for someone else to do. To persevere means finding inside ourselves the discipline to push ourselves to do the things that are hard for us time and time again.

Pay4Freight celebrates its 9 year anniversary today and had we not persevered, we would not be able to write this post, send out this newsletter, and daily support all of our carriers working towards their own dreams.

We would like to take a moment to thank everyone who helped us build a great company—one that we feel proud of—and we wish all of us a healthy dose of perseverance for the coming year so that we can all work towards our dreams.