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Life is busy and we often rush through our days, forgetting to take some time to really think about the meaning of things.

Would you consider yourself to be a patriot? If you do, then Memorial day, a day that commemorates all the sons and daughters who gave their lives in the armed forces of our country, should have a special place in your heart.

To be a patriot means:

  • loving your country and its people, history, and journey.
  • respecting your fellow citizens—even if they hold different values, beliefs, and opinions because the freedom to hold differing beliefs is part of the fabric of this country.
  • using your words and actions in ways that build rather than weaken this country that you love.

In an era of political divisiveness, let us reach out and join one another and affirm our love for our country. Let us say to those who hold differing beliefs that we may not agree with their views, but we respect their right to hold them.

Let us uphold the founding principles of our great country and work together with our fellow citizens, to build on the dream of generations past so that the sacrifice of those who died for our freedom will not be in vain.