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Value of the month: LoyaltyThink about the people you always know you can count on to be there for you. Whether it is employees willing to stick with you when profits or loads are scarce or clients who will habitually check to see if you are available before asking anyone else when they need something delivered, these are individuals with genuine respect and appreciation for how you act personally or professionally.

This type of loyalty, which happens to be our value of the month, is certainly something to be appreciated. However, it’s something that has to be earned as well. It’s also a value that can have a noticeable impact on everything you do on daily basis, so it’s definitely one worth embracing.

Establishing Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Let’s say you’re looking to go beyond load boards and get more contract business. One of the most effective ways to convince businesses with a need to ship stuff to keep coming to you is to encourage loyalty. Initially, new clients are taking a leap of faith when choosing your particular operation for their shipping or transportation needs.

However, it’s the steps you take beyond this point that can inspire loyalty. Continuing with this example, you might encourage loyalty among new clients, including those only committing to a single load, by:

  • Offering more personalized service than what’s expected
  •  Doing the best job possible when completing the work
  •  Checking in after the load is delivered to see if everything was satisfactory
  • Being on time
  •  Simply being polite and pleasant with all interactions

Earning Loyalty through Actions

Loyalty isn’t just about getting regular clients. It’s also a value that extends to how you interact with anyone you work with or employ, the people within your community, and everyone else you encounter on a regular basis. This can include the guy who keeps your trucks fully fueled or the lady who serves up your morning bagel and coffee.

The actions you take to earn loyalty don’t have to be all that time-consuming or involve grand gestures. In fact, it’s entirely possible to encourage or earn loyalty with actions that may include:

  • Consistently treating anyone who works for you with respect
  • Actually listening to what people are saying and responding appropriately
  • Being actively involved in the communities where you work and live by supporting local efforts or participating in community events
  • Sincerely thanking anyone who does anything for you, even if they are paid to do so

Lastly, don’t always expect to get something in return for any actions you may take to encourage loyalty. You’re more likely to benefit personally and professionally from loyalty that develops naturally over time with no strings attached. And don’t forget that this value works both ways.

At Pay4Freight, we’re loyal to our partners. Take a minute to explore our website to learn more about what we do and how you may benefit.