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innovationOne of the foremost innovators of modern society, Steve Jobs, once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Indeed, innovation is a quality that defines successful individuals and businesses to this very day.

At its most fundamental, innovation is about finding creative solutions to problems that individuals face on a daily basis. Jobs solved the problem of performing complex tasks through innovation. Edison lit our cities through innovation. We err, however, when we relegate the ability to be an innovator to scientific laboratories. There are multiple opportunities for each of us to employ inspired problem solving in our daily life.

When we learn to think outside of the box and approach challenges from multiple perspectives, the results can be extraordinary. Suddenly, what seemed impossible becomes not only possible but an opportunity, and opportunities are what we must embrace as our vehicles to success and achievement. Opportunities are pathways to leadership. Not one of the innovators mentioned in this article was handed opportunity on a silver platter. They created it, and became leaders in their field, through being innovative.

Leadership as a result of being innovative and solving problems is genuine, the purest form of “leading by example.” When Paralympian Amy Purdy lost both of her feet to meningitis, she explored innovative ways to snowboard and became a champion. Later, she did it again when she became a contestant on a popular television dance contest. The innovator allows nothing to stand between them and a goal, and that is inspiring.

At Pay4Freight, we encourage innovation as a proactive approach to serving our clients. That’s why we have gained a reputation as an industry leader. As we solve problems for those in need, we create opportunities to become a better service provider. Our philosophy is to continually look for ways we can be more efficient, productive, and superior.