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This month we celebrated Freedom, but freedom is more than something that’s celebrated with fireworks and cookouts on the Fourth of July. Freedom can be interpreted in many possible ways. Trucking, more than any other profession exemplifies freedom.

Freedom to Define Your Business

If you are one of nearly 400,000 owner-operators in the United States, then you’re aware of the challenges that can be faced as you attempt to establish yourself. But you also have a number of freedoms as well, including:

  • The freedom to carve out your own niche in the trucking industry (e.g., retail shipping, commercial warehouse shipping, industrial freight, etc.)
  • The freedom to determine the values that guide your business operations
  • The freedom to explore opportunities to grow as you become more established

Freedom of the Open Road

Truckers have the freedom to travel various roads and highways and explore new and beautiful locations on a regular basis. It may not be akin to hitting the open road for a summer travel adventure where there are no real deadlines or set schedules. Still, many diehard truckers find personal enjoyment in being able to make a living while literally being constantly on the move.

Giving Freedom to Americans Everywhere

On a larger scale, commercial truckers are the backbone of American life and responsible for the freedoms we all enjoy in one way or another in this country. Truckers play a vital role in ensuring that our economy runs efficiently by successfully transporting goods from city to city and coast to coast. As we celebrate our collective freedoms we can all be grateful for the many freedoms truckers provide to others, including:

  • The freedom of food: Much of the food consumed in America is delivered by a trucker at some point!
  •  The freedom of clean drinking water: Truckers deliver the chemicals that plants need to treat the water that’s distributed throughout various municipalities.
  • The freedom of healthcare: From medical equipment to vital medications, truckers deliver the essential goods that allow Americans to enjoy the freedoms associated with staying healthy.
  • The freedom of expression through fashion: Whether it’s a favorite pair of jeans, a trendy top, or the perfect hat, the clothes Americans wear to express their personal styles are delivered to retailers by truckers.
  • The freedom to shop online: Amazon and other leading e-tailers depend on the trucking industry to get goods in the hands of consumers wherever they may be physically located.

An argument can be made that freedom has been the driving force behind many great accomplishments on both a large scale and individually. What can be said with even more certainty is that it’s a value we can all embrace in some way every day and truly appreciate.

We celebrate this value at Pay4Freight by giving owner-operators and truckers the resources needed to enjoy the freedom to succeed in an industry experiencing steady growth. Take a moment to learn more about our programs and resources.