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Working together to achieve a common goal oftentimes produces results that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible with solo efforts. Combining resources can also be a smart way to save time and money and help others in need. In fact, teamwork can have a noticeable and positive impact on both your personal and professional life. This is why our value of the month is cooperation. Here’s a closer look at a real-world example related to this value.

Mutual Cooperation to Provide Resources for Truckers

Truckers sometimes pair up to help other truckers. One example of this is what one trucker-related charity recently did for another struggling to obtain non-profit status. The group Truckers for Truckers works to promote awareness of mental health issues within the trucking industry. Unfortunately, they had trouble obtaining non-profit status.

Robert Palm of, a group that helps truckers and families reunite in times of crisis, heard about Truckers for Truckers’ struggles. He decided to cooperate with the group through a fiscal sponsorship agreement. This arrangement allowed the organization to gain immediate non-profit status. Palm went even further and reconfigured his group’s website to allow visitors to give donations to both and Truckers for Truckers.

At Pay4Freight, we’re fully committed to embracing cooperation and teamwork. In fact, making us your preferred freight factoring partner can result in an improved cash flow and added peace of mind. Take a moment to explore our resources and programs.