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First, let me say congratulations! Your article Million Dollar Baby, contest winner of Trucker’s New Mark Twain Essay Contest, (originally published in Truckers New, June 2008), really gave me an insight to what it’s like out there on the road. New to the transportation industry, stumbling upon your story of growing up on the road, learning how to treat your truck right, whether it was your own truck or one belonging to a company, lessons handed-down from your dad as you sat on his jacket folded over a milk crate, in between your father and uncle, with an ‘absolute no whining rule,’ put me right there in the front seat with you.

I found it interesting how you remembered exactly where you were on the road when major events happened, and how fast the years went by, one season moving into another.

It seems that you treated your truck how you’d like to be treated, and it worked out in your favor, earning you over a million dollars and driving 1.4 million miles. Your Million Dollar Baby became much more than just a truck to you. It became your livelihood, your world on wheels, a second home, a part of the family, your best friend.

I’ve often wondered how anyone could enjoy driving long distances, for endless hours, all alone. I truly believe that it takes a special kind of person to do this job and do it with pride. I think Travis Burns said it best. ‘There will always be a place in trucking for the uniquely American dream of buying a truck and giving all you’ve got to make a go of it. There will always be a place in a man’s soul for an old friend that you can count on to hold up their end of the deal.’

Please feel free to share your stories of life on the road. We look forward to reading them.