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The trucking industry isn’t the only freight transportation sector making a comeback; the railroad industry is experiencing a rebirth of sorts and shows no signs of stopping. Nowhere is this more evident than in Pennsylvania. This is no surprise as a century ago Pennsylvania was the main hub for hauling steel and then coal, but lost ground a decade ago to the trucking industry and interstate highways. But now, Pennsylvania’s buzzing with activity once again.

Congestion on the highways and rising fuel costs has made rail transportation more appealing, and many companies are expanding and hiring. A large part of the rail industry’s turnaround stems from its own self-improvement plan. Thanks to improved freight car design and other factors, the average freight train carried a record 3,585 tons of freight in 2010, up 61% since 1980. The Association of American Railroads reported recently that in 2010, railroads carried about 43% of intercity freight, while trucks moved about 31%.

Western Pennsylvania is home to Wabtec Corporation, a company that builds railroad cars, makes parts to run the cars, and fixes the tracks beneath their wheels. Railroad signaling, a key element that helps trains avoid one another keeps engineers busy on the South side at Ansaldo, while American Industries in Sharon refurbishes and repairs train wheels, side frames and couplers for reuse.

But railroad suppliers are not the only ones creating jobs inPennsylvania these days. The Association of American Railroads reported that 6,490 freight railroad employees across the state are working for 55 freight railroads earning an annual average of wages and benefits of $90,300.

It’s a good time to have expertise in trains. Companies continue to recruit and hire workers for high-paying manufacturing and engineering jobs. With a law passing in 2008 following a deadly train crash, this new law requires railroads to install technology to prevent crashes on rail lines, especially those carrying passengers and toxins by the end of 2015. As the country continues to dig itself out of the recession, small towns all over Pennsylvania give us hope.

Of course, the trucking industry isn’t going anywhere and through these growth surges, which we’re experiencing right now, freight-factoring is a great way to increase your working capital necessary to ride it through. Give us a call today, wants to help you grow in 2012.