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If you are a carrier and you are not currently factoring,
you most likely

Have a Good Head for Business

Value Action

Get Things Done

We Salute You Trucking is not easy

  • It takes a lot of grit to do what you do
  • Your wheels have to roll for you to get paid.
  • You have many challenges to overcome.
  • Nothing is guaranteed.
  • Running a trucking business comes with stress.

Now imagine having more freedom

Never again think about:

  • the risk of not getting paid
  • having to wait months to get paid
  • those unexpected expenses that can wipe out your cash flow

Does it make financial sense to factor?

If you are a one-truck operator doing $10,000 a month it will cost you less than $300 to get all the benefits of factoring.

We Solve Problems for Carriers

Having to wait for your money   ➙ We give you same-day payment

Not knowing if you are going to get paid   ➙ As a non-recourse factor, we take the risk, meaning you always get paid

 Chasing the money  ➙ That is our job, we are experts at collections

Having to deal with boring and time-consuming paperwork We take this off your plate so you can get back to hauling freight and getting paid

A surprise of an unexpected expenses With factoring you have actual money now

Having to rely on loved-ones to do your billing, invoices etc Make their lives easier and give that work to the experts

There are many factors looking to earn your business. Which one can you trust? Our clients rate us a 5 star company, and once you deal with us, we think you’ll see why

Frequently asked questions?

  • With Pay4Freight behind you, you will always have the needed cash to run your business.
  • Simply deliver your loads, and know that you will get paid immediately.
  • No hassle, no fuss. Factoring done right, each transaction every time.

Running your own business can be challenging, we know this. It is exciting and thrilling but also comes with the worry that a sudden, unplanned expense can put you under. Cash flow is king. Why wait up to 90 days for invoices to be paid when you can get cash at great rates now?

A one-truck operator doing $10,000 in a month will be paying less than $300 for all credit services, billing, and expert collections on loads factored. That saves untold time in admin and stress. Since time is money, you can do the math for yourself. Time spent chasing bills is time spent not hauling freight. 

  • Yes, and yes. We are different. We don’t take our partners for a ride.
  • We have a rock-solid reputation for service and integrity.
  • We have the highest google review reputation score of all freight factoring companies we surveyed.

Murphy’s Law says: When you can least afford it, something will come along to test you.

Let Pay4Freight help insure you against Murphy's Law.