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I’ll admit, I’m a sappy sucker for acts of kindness, and can tear up fairly easy. So of course, I enjoy hearing, seeing or reading stories about the really good side of the human race. I’ve run across several good ones recently and thought I’d condense them down so you can read a few in one place and take a little of that goodness away with you.

The Highway Angel, perfectly named, printed in The Trucker is a story of being in the right place at the right time. Gyslain “Juice” Lemelin, a driver for N. Yankee Transfer of Saskatoon, was traveling west on the Trans-Canada Highway when a truck passed by with a couple, their two dogs, and a camper filled with their things. Juice smelled a chemical-like odor coming from the truck and knew that meant trouble, the transmission was going. Keeping a close eye on them, Juice saw when a puff of smoke rose from the truck. He immediately pulled to the side of the road, grabbed his fire extinguisher and was able to put the fire out that was rapidly consuming the hood of the truck, giving the couple enough time to get their dogs and valuables away from the truck before losing everything. Amazing!

Another good deed was the rescue and return of a cat named Millie. Getting lost at a highway truck-strop and nearly freezing to death in the bitterly cold Wyoming winter, Millie was rescued by a passing trucker and reunited with her owner 53 days later. Ah…

Travis Burns, with Life on the Road, shared a story of meeting an older man and his dog along his travels and sparking up a conversation. Later that same day, fate brought them back together again. Travis and another driver were waiting to load their trucks, but the old man’s truck was up first. Travis goes in search of the older man and finds him on his knees, saying his final good-bye to his road companion of many years. When Travis returned to the dock, the forklift driver, the other driver and Travis, loaded the old man’s trailer for him, giving him a little time to grieve.  All three of these gentlemen were angels on earth that day.

If you have an ‘act of kindness’ you’d like to share, please contact me. And people say truckers have a bad reputation?