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Preparing for your first long haul as a transportation factoring truck driver can seem daunting. In addition to the normal anxiety of meeting a deadline and being out on the open road for so long, you will surely wonder how to pack. What should you bring?

Bring as little as possible. Your quarters will be small and can quickly get cluttered. Plan to wear your clothes for more than a day at a time; the reality of the road is that there may not be time to shower and change each day. Bring more socks than you think you need. Driving in soggy footwear can quickly ruin your day. Most major truck stops have laundry facilities; if you find yourself held over at any point in your journey be sure to throw a load of clothes in the washer. A mesh laundry bag for dirty clothes is compact and fits easily in your duffel bag; invest in one before hitting the road.

A good jacket is an absolute must even in warm weather. Sudden storms can appear out of nowhere. Temperatures at higher elevations can be much cooler than normal. Finding yourself freezing on a mountain pass is sure to make you question your career choice. Invest in some high-quality sunglasses and never leave home without them. Driving east while the sun is rising or heading west as it sets will make you glad you heeded this advice.
Be sure to bring a warm sleeping bag and comfortable pillow. Changing the sheets on a sleeper bunk mattress is not as easy as it may seem. Spread your bag out the moment you climb into the truck. It saves time when you get those precious few hours of sleep.

Don’t forget the work gloves! You never know what you might be loading or unloading. A good pair of gloves will protect your hands from the elements as well as sharp edges or caustic chemicals. Keep a spare pair in your duffel bag so you never go without.

Store your toiletries in a small bag that is easy to carry to the shower. A small backpack is a perfect size for shampoo, soap, a razor, and a change of clothing. Always keep a spare roll of toilet paper in the truck; you never know when you’ll need it!

Remember your cell phone charger as these can be expensive to purchase on the road.

With proper preparation, packing for your first long haul is a snap!