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Many truckers have no idea how many rights they actually have, and often times never receive compensation that they deserve. This is not a complete shock, however, considering that many companies are not required to inform drivers of these rights. It is often up to the drivers themselves to seek out compensation when earned.

Often times a driver’s employer will remain stubborn when faced with certain facts about compensation. A certain attitude has seemed to develop throughout this industry that compensation is for free loaders. This is not the case at all, however, and often times drivers are taken advantage of by their employers. The best way to avoid these kinds of rights violations is to simply understand them. One reason a driver might be taken advantage of is because they simply do not understand what rights they are entitled to.Unemployment is one of the most important benefits of being a freight factoring truck driver. Many companies attempt to deny their employees this benefit, even though their case will not hold up in court. They assume, and often correctly, that the drivers will accept denied unemployment rights. Why this occurs so often is quite a mystery, but it does happen frequently, and many drivers do not get their fair share. One major fact to understand when dealing with unemployment is that the state is the only decider for unemployment rights. Often times, the state will side with a driver, especially when their rights are being violated by their employer.

Hometime is often violated by employers. However, this is not always the fault of the employer. Many times a driver will forget to request hometime or ensure that their hometime requests are understood by the employer. If hometime is violated knowingly by an employer, they can be held accountable. Hometime rights for drivers are considered very important in any court of law.

Dispatcher harassment is a common issue among professional drivers. Many employers would rather deny drivers their right to a 10 hour break, and would rather them rush to finish a delivery. This is not only a violation of the driver’s right, but also a dangerous request. Drivers that have been on the road too many hours without resting will begin to experience health issues and can even fall asleep at the wheel. This kind of danger should never be present in the professional trucking industry, and every driver has a right to a 10 hour break within reason.