We first came to know Pay4freight from Jim, who used to work for this company. He called us when we activated our “Authority” and gave us detailed information about the company and how they conduct their business with their carriers. My friends and I thought at the time, this is too good to be true. We told him that we will give you call back to decide. Afterwards, we had several calls from companies that wanted to do business with us. Most of their message were convoluted and hard to understand since we were new in the business. So, we decided to give a try. Our main motivator was that there is no contract and you can leave whenever you want. We started factoring with them. Since that day, we have enjoyed all their services. The staffs are great. I would urge, especially, people who are new in this business to join Pay4freight first. It will eliminate some of your obstacles. This company (Pay4freight) is very helpful and easy to understand and no hidden contracts or gimmicks.