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At Pay4Freight, we strive to keep truckers, owner-operators, and anyone else who may be involved with the trucking industry as well-informed as possible. Here are our latest snippets for December 2018.

It might be unfair, but there’s no denying that some truck drivers are held in higher regard than others. Here are a few simple tips you can keep in mind to show your experience and thoughtfulness, and ensure that you are a preferred driver, not a fall-back option.

☑ Perform a thorough pre-trip inspection. It’s important to know well before your trip the performance you delivered during your most recent inspection date, as well as the condition of your tires, pins, lights, fifth wheel, and more.

☑ After you park, look back at your truck. No after how many trips you’ve done before, you’re never too experienced to make a simple mistake, like leaving your lights or your blinker on. Be sure to turn around and check your truck before it leaves your sightline in order to avoid any embarrassing mistakes for others to see.

☑ Pay attention. As you go to the exit, review the exit number you’re taking and make sure you know the quickest way to return to the highway. Considering the importance of out-of-route miles, you want to do all you can to keep them to a minimum. You might know where the interstate is, but not necessarily the surrounding areas you must navigate to return to the road. Stay ahead of that issue.

☑ Under no circumstances should you swerve. This includes when wildlife or any other animals are spotted in your path. No one wants to hit an animal with their vehicle, but the reality of the situation is that it’s highly preferable to do so than to swing your vehicle around and endanger not only your life but the lives of the motorists around you as well.

Keeping these simple tips in mind, along with other processes you learn to consider as you gather more experience on the road, can go a long way in ensuring that your considerate ways cause clients to keep you in mind when they go to hire a driver that they trust the most.

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