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At Pay4Freight, we strive to keep truckers, owner-operators, and anyone else who may be involved with the trucking industry as well-informed as possible. Here are our latest snippets for September 2018.

Improving the way shippers treat trucking professionals may help minimize driver shortage issues: 

  •  An overlooked approach to dealing with driver shortages and capacity issues linked to a bustling economy and new regulations is to focus on driver-shipper relationships.
  • Inhospitable pickup environments and poor communications are among the all-too-common issues that deter some individuals from becoming part of the trucking industry.
  • Keeping loading/unloading areas well-lit and accessible and clearly communicating when there are changes with schedules or load arrangements are among the steps shippers can take to earn a “preferred shipper” status.
  • Some industry insiders believe if more shippers treat truckers with respect positive word-of-mouth could attract new drivers.
  • In fact, widespread implementation of “preferred shipper” practices could improve the industry’s overall reputation enough to attract and retain qualified new drivers.

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