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At Pay4Freight, our goal is to make life easier for busy truckers and owner-operators looking to keep up on industry news. As part of these efforts, we present our June snippets.

New doll is at the heart of a Women in Trucking Association initiative to encourage more female involvement in the trucking industry:

• The 13-inch doll, named Claire, is designed to inspire more women to become part of the trucking industry.

• Just over 5% of truck drivers are women, according to the most recent estimate, the lowest figure since 2011.

• Accompanied by packaging that tells her story, Claire is presented as a modern female truck driver complete with a cap and a tee that proudly proclaims: “I Heart Trucking.”

• The WIT is promoting the doll with a photo contest encouraging drivers to submit photos of Claire with them on the road.

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Operation Safe Driver Week to take place from July 15-21 of this year:

• During the annual event, industry enforcers will be paying attention to such things as roadside inspections, driver regulatory compliance, and seat belt use.

• Driver-related actions have been linked to nearly 90% of crashes involving larger trucks, according to CVSA estimates.

• Speeding, driving while distracted, and following vehicles too closely are additional behaviors of commercial drivers that will be focused on.

• In 2017, truck drivers received just under 40,000 warnings and citations during safety week.

Electronic logging devices (ELDs) could collectively add $12 billion to drivers’ pockets:

• Data suggests there has been a noticeable and mostly positive change in driver behaviors since the ELD mandate became effective.

• In 2017, truckers spent about 6 1/2 of their shift hours actually putting miles on their vehicles. Since April, this number has inched closer to 7 hours.

• Drivers adhering to proper hours of service (HOS) guidelines may recover nearly $55 of extra earnings per day.

• For the trucking industry as a whole, this amounts to more than $225 million per week or $12 billion of added value from ELD use.

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