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It’s not always easy to stay up-to-date on what’s going on with freight factoring and other things related to the trucking industry.

You have to deliver loads, keep up with load boards, plan monthly budgets, and consistently meet client expectations.

That’s why we scour the internet to bring you the most relevant news in bite-sized snippets so you can stay informed without losing valuable time.

Alliance for Driver Safety & Security Pushes for Tighter Drug Testing Regulations

• The group is urging passage of a new drug testing law that would include hair testing.

• The proposed law would require individuals applying for safety-sensitive, trucking-related jobs to confirm through both urine and hair testing that they have been free of opioids and illicit drugs for 30 days.

• It’s based on a law already in place in Brazil that has resulted in more than a million drivers not getting hired.

• One company identified over a thousand individuals who tested positive with pre-employment hair tests. Yet 90% passed a government-mandated urinalysis.

• Hair testing detects nearly any type of drug use within a 90-day period.

Trucker Shortage Linked to Rising Shipping Costs

• A widespread trucker shortage has resulted in higher shipping and freight expenses for leading companies like Coca-Cola and Hasbro.

• Lack of qualified truckers has contributed to higher shipping costs.

• Companies paid, on average, six percent more in shipping costs in April, 2018 than the same time a year earlier.

• To make up for the shortage, more companies are turning to smaller and mid-sized carriers that charge higher rates.

• Contributing factors to the driver shortage problem include new electronic logging rules, low wages, and an aging truck driver population.

Rising Gas Prices Having an Industry-Wide Impact

• Gas prices are at levels that haven’t been seen in about three years – nearly $3 per gallon for both regular unleaded and diesel fuel.

• Having to regularly keep tanks full can become more than just a minor inconvenience for owner-operators with limited budgets.

• According to one estimate, $340 worth of gas will last a typical truck driver just one day.

• Each 5 cent increase in gas prices amounts to an extra $20 in fuel costs for truckers.

• Truckers usually have to absorb the costs as fuel prices rise.

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