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Short answer – Yes. Texas intrastate owner-operator Zach Beadle wrote in this weekend with a question: Why did his Inspection Selection System score go to 99? He was notified of this hike by PrePass, who couched it in terms longtime regular readers will be familiar with. The company stated it “seems that I’ve not been inspected enough to suit the regulators,” Beadle said, “and as true as that might be, I have had no citations that put me out of service nor been the cause of any accidents. I have a clean driving record.”

Beadle was likewise told the 99 ISS score would “stay that way for 30 days and then I would be re-evaluated and a score of around 74 would be assigned to me in the event that I was inspected often enough and in depth enough for them to see that I am in fact a safe carrier.” …READ MORE