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A Message from Our President and Owner About What Pay4Freight Is Not

Pay4Freight’s President and Owner, Robert Beard, recently took some time to talk about what Pay4Freight is not. You read that right. Sure, we like to point out our many attributes, but sometimes it’s equally important to say what your company is not and what it takes a stand against so that clients can make informed decisions.

A Company Offering Services That We Don’t Believe In

“At Pay4Freight we are not a company that will sell you something that we don’t believe in,” Robert explains. “We have to get up every day and look in the mirror and come to work feeling good. We just couldn’t do that if we didn’t believe in what we offered to our clients. Knowing that your service makes a positive difference to our clients’ lives is one of the reasons why we do what we do.”

A Company Only Saying What Clients Want to Hear

“We won’t tell you what you might want to hear.  Whether it’s details about our services or blog posts about trends and news related to the trucking industry, the information we provide will be what we think you need to hear so you can make well-informed decisions about your business.

A Company That Uses Deceptive Tactics

Everything that is important on your contract is on the first page of the contract. We are very clear about the expenses. All the important stuff is on page 1 of the contract so you can make a fully informed decision. We never hide important stuff in small print on page 23 of a contract like some companies do.

A Company Insisting On Long-Term Contracts

“We won’t take you, hostage, by handcuffing you into a long-term contract,” Robert pledges. “Some companies prefer to do business by making clients commit to long-term contracts just to take advantage of beneficial services and programs. With Pay4Freight, we never force anyone into a long-term contract with all kinds of strings and requirements attached. This is simply not the way we do business.”

An Impersonal Mega Company

We’re not a mega-company where it’s almost impossible to get in touch with a real person. We’re a medium-sized company that has earned a solid reputation for providing personalized service.” As Robert puts it, “You’ll get to know us because we answer our phone.”

A Company That Hides When the Going Gets Tough

Robert has an open-door policy. He takes the time to get to know his clients—so much so that he prefers to call them “partners” because he is fully invested in their success. And so is everyone on the Pay4Freight team!

Driving your success in the trucking business is what we do best at Pay4Freight. We do this by providing access to an assortment of reliable and easily accessible resources. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.