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Resolute Logistics​

We are a team of truck dispatchers and logistics coordinators who have the experience needed to keep drivers on the road and operations running. By constantly studying the market we book top paying loads and have contacts with top freight brokers in the U.S.

Holloway Logistics​

Our ultimate goal is always the same: make the process of pick-up or delivery of materials as seamless and cost-effective as possible. And we always guarantee your material will arrive safely, when and where you need it.


We are a full-service truck dispatching company that provides dispatch, safety, and accounting services for owner-operators and small trucking companies.

Metro Max Dispatch

We partner with owner operators to become a back-office extension of your operations by finding top paying, quality freight to be delivered. We handle paperwork, phones calls, emails, freight rate negotiations, credit checks and support our carriers with roadside assistance.

edispatching logo


eDispatching is a professional trucking dispatch provider, serving the continental U.S. & North America. We understand the pain & frustration of many truck drivers & owner operators. Think of us as your own personal ‘in-house’ dispatcher.

Five Star

At Five Star Dispatch, we have the facilities and capabilities to transport anything, any size, anywhere at anytime. All our consignments are trackable to ensure safe and efficient delivery.

Lane Dispatch

We have experience in all things transportation from Dispatching, Driving, Brokers, Shippers, Factoring, Fuel cards, Compliance, New / Old Authorities, Company Setups, Truck Decals you name it we have done it.

Bumble Bee Dispatch

Same day truck MC authority setup, dispatch, trailer rental, company formation, factoring company setup, and consultations for the transportation industry.

logistical forwarding solutions logo

Logistical Forwarding Solutions

Offers a professional and tailored Truck Compliance Services for your trucking or freight broker business.

Truck Dispatch 360 logo

Truck Dispatch 360

We help find the best freight load possible with the highest prices and focus on keeping you loaded on a weekly basis. We handle all truck paperwork and deal with brokers on your behalf so that you stay focused on expanding your business.

24/7 Truck Dispatch logo

24/7 Truck Dispatch

Specializes in helping small trucking companies with one to three trucks to find the best freight load rates possible. Our truck dispatch agents will assist you and make the final decision that is the best for you and your truck driver.