Sharing is Caring

Every now and again a company comes along that delivers excellent service time after time.

Pay4Freight tries to be that company for all of our clients. Our five star google reviews tell us that we are on the right track.

If you are happy with our service and know a friend who may also benefit from having a great freight factoring company on their side, you can help them and get $250 off your factoring fees for doing them a favor.

We will contact them and ask if they are interested in signing up for factoring. If they are, and once they get funded, you will receive a $250 credit on your factoring fees for making the introduction. 

Thank you for being part of the Pay4Freight family!

Refer A Buddy

    Your Friends Will Get

    Amazing Factoring

    A Great Dispatch Partner

    An Incredible Fuel Card

    • 100% advance
    • Same-day pay
    • Credit checks 24/7
    • 50% fuel advances
    • Dedicated account rep
    • No credit risk agreement
    • Discounted roadside assistance
    • Phones always answered by a real person
    • Dedicated management and ownership team ready to assist
    • with knowledge of freight rates and lanes
    • providing you access to a large capacity of loads
    • with great skill at negotiating the best rates with brokers and customers in the transportation industry.​
    • Accepted at more than 8,000 fuel stops nationwide.
    • ZERO FEE NETWORK with no transaction fees and discounts at over 6,000 stops nationwide.
    • The most generous lines of credit in the industry.
    • 24/7 Live Customer Services

    We Make It Easy to Grow a Trucking Company

    Deliver your loads.

    Submit your paper work.

    Get your cash and keep driving.

    Non-recourse and Recourse Factoring

    Non-Recourse Factoring

    • No reserve account – you receive 100% of
      your money up front when you send us your
      factoring bills
    • We take the risk if your customer goes out of business
    • Customized contracts
    • Free credit checks 
    • We do your billing and collections 

    Recourse Factoring

    • Competitive advance rates
    • Reserve account with weekly release
    • Customized contracts
    • Free credit checks
    • We do your billing and collections



    Frequently Asked Questions

    With Pay4Freight behind you, you will always have the needed cash to run your business. Simply deliver your loads, and know that you will get paid immediately.

    No hassle, no fuss. Factoring done right, each transaction every time

    Almost anyone can factor. Just like all forms of credit, the scope of what is available differs from person to person, depending on your circumstances.

    No! We also have a fantastic fuel card partner as well as a great Better Together Dispatch-Factoring deal.  Call us to find out about our Better Together 7% Dispatch-Factoring deal. 

    Check out our fuel card.

    What Our Clients Say

    About Pay4Freight

    Robert Beard started Pay4Freight in 2008 with a desire to get carriers paid faster than anyone else in the industry.

    His other goal was to build a company that would provide the kind of service to clients that would lead to relationships of trust. 

    His greatest pleasure is helping carriers and seeing them grow their companies from 1 truck to 2 trucks and more as the years go by.

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    Refer a Buddy

    Get paid for paying it forward!