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If you’re reading this article, then it’s likely that one of two things – or possibly both things – is true about you. The first possibility is that you’re a truck driver, and you want to know things about your profession that you don’t already know. The second is that you’re an aspiring truck driver, and want to know something about the profession. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into some commonly asked question regarding truck driving

Q: I’m interested in freight factoring for money. What kind of training is required for this occupation?

A: That will largely depend upon the type of truck you’ll be driving. If you’re just driving something like a UPS truck, then it’s far less likely that you’ll need a good deal of experience or training. If, however, you’re driving a larger truck like a semi-trailer, then you’ll probably need a bit more training. However, once you’re employed, many companies will pay for any additional training you may need.

Q: What kind of financial benefits will this field lend me?

A: Most drivers are paid by the mile. For example, if I drive 3000 miles in any given week, I will be paid a certain amount – let’s say 40 cents – per mile. Thus, I will make a total of 62,400 per year. Additionally, many drivers will accrue added benefits after working for the same company for a while. Many of them will get a paid vacation plan after a few years of work with any given company. Some may even get other benefits like health insurance and a 401k plan.

Q: OK, OK, so this sounds like a decent sort of job. What are the chances of a stable job?

A: There is a rather high turnover rate in this industry, mainly due to burnout. Some people simply can’t take the long hours on the road. However, if you’re up to the job, then it’s a pretty stable job to keep down. The main thing that will keep your job safe is a clear driving record. If you get into accidents repeatedly, then you obviously won’t be very valuable to the company you work for. However, if you keep your record clean and your driving tight, then you can expect to be a valuable employee and, thus, have a steady job well into the future.