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The pre-trip inspection is among the tougher part when someone is doing the freight factoring truck driving school and the CDL exam. The purpose for the pre-trip inspection is to ensure that you have a safe inspection for the commercial vehicle before someone heads into the highway. You can find many links online that will take you to the study guides and the pre trip inspection which can help you to prepare yourself for your CDL exam.

Before you enter into the test, you have to ensure that your vehicle is safe to be driven. The vehicle is less than 4 years, that you do not have any alcohol in the system and that you know how to drive. You may also be required to check the high beam headlights, the flashers of the four- way and the right and left turn signal.

When you begin to work, you will have to make regular pre-trip inspection to help you in saving the money and having a safer trip. If your car is inspected before you can begin your trip, you will be enhancing your saving and your safety. When you make sure that you car is running efficiently, you will also be having peace of mind knowing that you are safe.

The pre trip inspection includes the following:  the tune up may help the engine to deliver the best power balance and the economy of fuel because there is a low level of emissions. You have to check the brakes to know if the battery connection is corrosion free, tight and clean. You have to check the fluids and the filters such as the transmission, the brake, the power steering and the engine oil. You have also to check the anti freeze coolant and the windshield washer. You have to look into the belts and the hoses to see if they are showing any signs for excessive wear or if they are loose, frayed, brittle and cracked. They are critical for the proper functioning of the cooling system, power steering, air conditioning and electrical system. You have to check the tires to see if the tread the pressure. The fuel economy can easily be reduced by the underinflated tires while uneven wear may also indicate the need for the wheel alignment. The tires need also to be checked for the bald spots and the bulges.

You need to check the gas cap to see if it is not missing, loosing or damaged so that the gas will not spill or even evaporates. The pre-trip determines how your car is ready for the road. If your car has any problem, you can fix it before you take off. If you inspect your car, you will also be able to save on the fuel. Other important factor to keep in mind is to avoid excessive idling, observing the speed limit and to avoid aggressive driving. You have also to ensure that you car is repaired, taken care of and maintained to increase its efficiency and to increase your safety.