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What’s in a word?  It turns out everything!  

In business, we often view a complaint negatively, but sometimes a client’s unhappiness can pave the way for very good things. When we launched our newsletter last week, we thought that it would be nice to have a section to honor the people with whom we have built relationships over the years—the people who keep our business strong and whose businesses we help to keep strong.

We want to tell their stories because the story of how a business started can serve as inspiration for others.

Pay4Freight Partners

Pay4Freight Partners

Choosing just one person or business a month is hard when you value everyone, so we decided to put the names of our treasured clients in a hat and pull a name every month. (Those that help build our community on Facebook with little stories or pictures from the road will get their name put in extra time for every submission.)

We sent out our newsletter and we received a lot of positive feedback and one very special email. This email was from a client who felt upset by the use of the word “customer”.

And we are so grateful that this client chose to share his feelings with us, because indeed, our clients are more than customers, more than clients, they are our partners. Together we help one another flourish and grow strong.

So say hello to the newly renamed “Partner of the Month” section.  A place to honor one business owner and their particular story every month.