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ruma transportOur partner of the month for October is Ruma Transport. We caught up with Thomas to chat with him about how the company got started and what keeps them trucking.

  • Please tell us a little more about your business.

We are a trucking carrier, licensed in 48 states for both refrigerated and drive freight. We have about 15 trucks now.

  • When did you get started?

We started in January 2009.

  • What is most challenging about what you do for a living?

Dealing with honest brokers and freight forwarders and complying with the always updating regulations.

  • What advice would you give to someone just starting out in this business?

Start out slow and pick your drivers carefully. There are as many good drivers as there are bad. When you find the good ones, take care of them.

  • How do you keep a work-life balance?

It’s tough, but I have really good people that work for me that take a lot of it off me so I can have a “regular” life sometimes. I would dedicate that to my wonderful staff and great drivers.

  • Anything you would like to add?

Pay4Freight has been great! They are great people to work with and I have and would continue recommending them to other trucking companies.

To learn more about Ruma Transport, check out their website here.