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Tina - A PaulOur partner of the month for  August is Tina Dalton from A Paul Trucking. We caught up with Tina to chat with her about how she got started with the company and what keeps her trucking.

Hi Tina, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Please tell us a little more about yourself and your business.

When did you get started?

  • I got started with A Paul in September of 2011.

What do you enjoy most about what you do for a living?

  • I enjoy working with different people with different backgrounds.

What is most challenging about what you do for a living?

  • Finding loans.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in this business?

  • Make sure you know what you are getting into before you get into it. There are a lot of challenges with making sure that all aspects of a deal go right.

How do you maintain a work-life balance?

  • I enjoy the flexibility and freedom as opposed to being in the structured environment of the manufacturing industry that I used to work in.