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Small carriers and owner-operators are increasingly turning to our services because we at Carrier Cash LLC/ are dedicated to helping small trucking companies succeed through our freight factoring services programs.

Oftentimes, small carriers are faced with fuel and employee expenses before a reliable client pays its invoices, as 30, 45, or 60 day terms are necessary in order to succeed in the trucking industry.

However, what happens when another job comes in five days after a big job with 60 day payment terms is successfully completed? Or what happens when you need money to pay your driver as soon as the load is delivered?

That is where our freight factoring services will help. We buy your invoices with cash payments on the same day that you fax them to us for approval, and we then take the risk of collecting the money that was due to you from your client. Now, you have the cash you need to pay the bills you need to pay and to get that next load moving – and you no longer have to worry about collecting the money from your client. Even if he does not pay, our non-recourse freight factoring service means that it is our problem to collect whatever is due from the client, so long as he is not contesting the work that you did for him.

Our automated credit checks let us know whether we can buy your invoices, so you do not have to do anything except fax them to us so that we can approve them and provide you with our reliable freight factoring services at competitive rates. We are here to help you succeed, and we do everything we can to approve as many invoices as possible.
Once you contact us for freight factoring services, we make sure you have the money you need to go on to your next big job as soon as you need that money, and we take away all the worry of having to follow up on invoice collections. We let you keep on truckin’ by providing you with the money you need to pay your drivers and your fuel as soon as you finish each job or as soon as you need funds for your next big haul.