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Before taking my job at, I had no idea what freight factoring was, and figured that those of you new to the transportation industry might not know either. The simplest way to define truck factoring is that it puts fast cash in your pocket so you can keep rolling. At P4F, we’ve designed our program to help the smaller guys grow their business, as well as, keeping a steady cash flow for the larger companies.

With many factoring companies out there, why choose Pay4Freight? The number one reason would have to be our customer service. Our staff goes above and beyond to help you succeed, and strives to make the process a smooth and easy one with guidance along the way.

We are a non-recourse program, which means we take 100% of the credit risk. If your broker defaults it doesn’t come back on you, the carrier, (unless it is a performance or paperwork issue) but on us. At Pay4Freight we also handle all of your billing, saving you time, money and the hassle. There is no volume minimum to factor a load and we have free online broker credit checks 24/7 with fast client approval.

Factoring with P4F offers you many advantages: same day funding, paperwork must be submitted by fax or email by noon CST and is paid at 100% less our minimal fee of 5.5% off faxed copies (originals must be received in the office within 5 business days) and 5% off originals, we have great deals with Fed-Ex and TripPak for sending your originals to us, and you can receive your funding by wire, ACH, EFS, Comdata, or T-Chek.

$5 Fuel advances are available for owner-operators for up to 40% of the load with the Rate Confirmation and a Shipper signed BOL showing that the carrier has taken possession of the freight.

With so many factoring companies to choose from, we hope you’ll give the chance to help you grow your business. It’s easy to get started, visit our homepage and fill out your application today. Already factoring with us? Refer us to your friends for $150.00 bonus.