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Don’t Be Short on Fuel Needed for your Next Load!

For most drivers, high gas prices represent an irritation that may get in the way of plans to take a vacation or visit a friend occasionally. While this may have a negative impact on daily life, it pales in comparison when contrasted with the effect that rising fuel costs have on a truck owner operator or small trucking company’s future. This is a where the services of a trucking factoring company can help.

Commercial truckers are in the business of transporting freight and are therefore constantly purchasing and burning fuel. Their trucks have massive gas tanks, and due to the size and weight of the truck and its cargo have very poor fuel efficiency. Money has to be there for your trucks to keep both them and our business moving ahead and operating in the “black”. A trucking factoring company’s services will get you paid sooner than the 30 to 60 days that is usually takes to get money from an invoice giving you much improved cash flow.

Trucking Factoring Companies Ease the Burden of High Fuel Prices

With today’s volatile fuel prices and freight rates, having the cash for fuel to haul that next load is critical. If you are short on cash for fuel, you could miss your delivery appointment on the load you are already carrying or a chance at a higher paying load. These situations could be crucial to the success of your business. Using the services of a trucking factoring company will help ease the burden of invoice collecting to keep the money coming in at a steady pace.

Slow paying clients can mean big problems for an owner-operator or small trucking company that does not have the resources on hand to easily absorb dramatically increased fuel expenses (especially when combined with slow payments). Trucking factoring could be just what your small trucking company is looking for to solve this problem. Trucking factoring is easier to get than other forms of financing in most cases. To qualify for this type of financing, your business must have solid commercial clients, be free of lawsuits and encumbrances and have good growth and stability potential.

Specializing in Small Trucking Factoring:

Pay4Freight is a trucking factoring company based in Lewisville, Texas whose focus is to work directly with small trucking companies and owner operators all across the United States so they can compete equally in the transportation marketplace with the “big guys”. Pay4freight account specialists take pride in providing you the best trucking factoring services in the industry. Contact today!