Many trucking companies choose to factor with us because we make factoring…

Easy to Signup

It’s so easy to sign up

  1. Just give us a call
  2. Send us the required paperwork
  3. Start factoring
Easy to Factor

easy to factor

  1. Just pick up your loads
  2. Deliver your loads
  3. Get your cash
Easy to Save

easy to save

  1. Sign up for our factoring program
  2. Use our partner cards
  3. Save $ every month

owner operating factoringPerhaps you are ready to get your factoring squared away. If you are, just give us a call today. If you need to learn more about us or about owner operating factoring, take a look at our story.

If you would like to know more about some of the other aspects related to getting your trucking operation off on the best possible foot you can read our 7 Step Guide on how to start a trucking company which starts here.

You can also learn about us by watching this video in which Robert, president and founder of Pay4Freight explains why he started the company. He highlights the values of the company as well as the pitfalls to watch out for when being courted by factoring companies.

The truth is many companies lure new truckers with the lowest possible rates but then they deliver terrible service and with deceptive contracts, which handcuff carriers to them.

Pay4Freight always has, and will always be a different kind of company. We respect the autonomy of our clients. We never strong-arm or manipulate our clients. We are straight-forward and upfront about rates, terms and everything else. Just a few reasons to factor with us.

That is something we are proud of and something you can count on.