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Welcome to your home away from home. If you are starting work for trucking factoring companies, you will need to know the ins and outs of your rig. Your big rig will provide you with a few of the amenities that you’re used to but you’ll have to get used to missing a few of your favorite amenities, unless you’re driving an ultra luxurious rig.

You’ll have an air seat that you can pump up or down according to how you like your seat positioned. These are pretty comfortable and will ease a lot of the discomfort from bouncing around as you drive down the road to your destination.

Depending upon the size of your rig you may have a bunk as well to sleep in. If you’re in a day truck you’ll likely not have a bunk just a back window. If you’re in a long haul truck you’ll have a bunk ranging in size from a small twin bed to a king sized bed. Some long haul trucks also have a top bunk that is generally a smaller sized bed.

Of course, you’ll have all of your gauges to read your air pressure, your speed, your fuel consumption and miscellaneous other gauges right upon your dashboard.

Your sleeper unit will have a closet space for putting some clothes into as well as a few other shelves to be used for books, computers or the like.

Some big rigs are so extravagant that they even include a small sized washer/dryer unit, refrigerator, small cooking area and a small bathroom area. One can go as fancy as one desires after all, it’s your home away from home and while you’re on the road you’re working for a living and not having to pay for a hotel or motel on a nightly basis. Many now come equipped with a satellite dish and wifi networks.

In short, big rigs can be as luxurious as one chooses for them to be. Usually a successful owner/operator will own the more luxurious rigs while someone working for a small company is more likely to be driving a basic rig.

Look around you next time you see some big rigs rolling down the highway and see if you can guess how luxurious it is inside. The shiny chrome and the other bells and whistles you see will indicate just how fancy it is inside. Also remember to thank the drivers of these big rigs who give up living at home with all the comforts to get your products to and from the grocer.