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Truckers face a lot of challenges when they are out on the road and one of the biggest challenges is staying awake behind the wheel. When you are pushing to make that last run on time, you will often find yourself behind the wheel for hours.

Over the years, the experienced truck factoring companies truckers learn how to stay safe while making long trips. These techniques become tips that other drivers can use to make sure that they arrive at their destinations safely and on time.

– Chew Ice

Ice has a rejuvenating effect any time that you use it. If you have a long trip ahead of you, then chew on ice chips to help keep yourself awake. The ice itself acts as a stimulant and the action of chewing on the ice gives your mind something to focus on.

– Open the Window

Air conditioning in the hot months of summer is great, but it can also use up fuel. If you have a long drive ahead of you, then opening the window will help keep you awake and reduce the need to run the air conditioning. The wind against your face as you are driving your truck will definitely help you to keep your senses sharp.

– Sit Up Straight

Your mother probably spent most of your childhood reminding you to sit up straight. When you are driving long distances, it actually helps to focus on sitting up straight. When you start to slouch, your body tends to relax and fatigue can set in. If you sit up straight, then you are forcing your body to stay alert and focused.

– Pace Yourself on Caffeine

One of the biggest mistakes that some truckers make before they go out on long drives is that they load up on one or two cups of coffee to get the caffeine in their systems. This will work great for the first couple of hours, but when the caffeine crash comes, then you will be in trouble. You can drink caffeine to stay awake on long trips, but pace yourself and maintain a steady flow of caffeinated beverages throughout the trip.

Staying awake on long hauls can be difficult. Once you get some experience behind the wheel, then you can develop your own successful methods for staying awake. But until then, you should take the advice of the people that know when it comes to methods for staying awake behind the wheel.