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There is a small percentage of people that fail CDL school each and every year. The reasons why vary, but a closer look might help keep this from happening to you. Preparation is just as important as skill when it comes to CDL training and driving.

How Is My Driving?

We’ve all seen that placard on the back of a few semi-trailers. You may very well be one of the best drivers out there on 4 wheels. Driving with eighteen wheels is a lot different. The attitude of “I can drive anything” is both ignorant and dangerous. The braking, lane changing, and backing up skills required of a 4 wheel car or truck are nothing like the demands placed on you in a much heavier, longer vehicle. Even if you drive a standard transmission vehicle, the shifting pattern and a sheer number of gears are like night and day in comparison. Be prepared to learn new things every day and maintain a healthy respect for the art of big rig driving.

How Much Studying Is Required?

There are seemingly mountains of materials to read, understand and remember to successfully pass your trucking factoring┬áCDL test. The easiest way to digest it all is to keep up with the pace of your class. Reviewing all of the material for the test is much easier if you’ve already studied through it once. Procrastination will definitely cause you to fail the course.

How Can I Avoid Test Anxiety?

A little bit of nervousness is normal and expected before and during CDL training. The best way to conquer anxiety over new things is to be well informed with the materials. Study until everything becomes second nature. Self-confidence will always override nervousness. Find classmates that are willing to quiz you over the information. You will be surprised at how quickly the nervousness disappears or gets minimized.

What if This Isn’t the Job for Me?

Untold numbers fail CDL training due to simply giving up or changing their mind due to self-confidence issues. It’s normal to experience some self-doubt when starting something new. You have to push through these moments and work that much harder to achieve your goal. Surround yourself with positive classmates that will encourage you when you are down. With a positive attitude, strong basic knowledge, and the desire to become the best truck driver ever, you should pass CDL training and testing with flying colors.