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There are many convenient food choices for truckers out on the open road. Unfortunately, what is convenient is not always healthy. The accumulated calories from greasy spoon breakfasts and fried fast food dinners can quickly lead to serious health consequences. It is important for truckers to learn how to eat healthy even while on a long haul.

For a trucking factoring company trucker on a deadline, it may be tempting to skip breakfast in order to cover some extra miles. However, this is inadvisable. Skipping breakfast can lead to unhealthy food choices over the course of the day. Even a small piece of fruit or protein-packed snack can help to keep metabolism high and hunger at bay. Don’t have time to stop? Consider keeping yogurt, skim milk, fruit, and whole-grain cereal on hand. Skip typical diner fares such as biscuits and gravy and high-fat meats in favor of fresh fruits, oatmeal, and grains.

Soups and salads are far better choices than drive-through burgers and fries. Many fast-food chains are beginning to add healthier choices to their menus. Opt for lean meats and foods that are grilled rather than fried. In a pinch, a sandwich on whole-wheat bread will suffice. Skip the cheese and oil-based condiments. Drink water, tea, or fruit juice instead of high-calorie sodas or sugary energy drinks.

Try to budget an hour of time to eat a well-rounded dinner. High protein meat coupled with steamed rice or baked potato and grilled vegetables will provide important nutrients while keeping fat and cholesterol at bay. Skip the biscuits and rolls; some can have as many as 300 calories per serving. Be sure to watch portion sizes. Too much is always a bad thing, even if the food in question is healthy.

The temptation to snack while driving is huge. Convenience stores offer tons of salt and sugar-laden foods designed to be eaten on the go. Skip the chips and candy and snack on granola bars, salt-free popcorn, or crackers. Stock your cooler with apple slices, dried fruits or celery, and carrot sticks. To satisfy a sweet tooth, spread low-fat peanut butter on your fruits or veggies.

Healthy eating on the road can be a bit more time-consuming; however, with a bit of planning and some knowledge, long-haul truckers can cut calories and fat and lead healthier happier lives.