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The life of a truck driver isn’t always conducive to a healthy lifestyle. It’s surprisingly easy to get into the habit of stopping at fast food places along routes, sacrificing sleep, or getting overwhelmed by the pressure to meet deadlines. But there are some things you can do to stay healthy while on and off the road.

Stay Hydrated 

While you’ll likely have other things on your mind when on the road, you’ll be better off if you keep a reusable water bottle handy so you can regularly sip some H2O to avoid getting dehydrated. The general rule of thumb is to consume half your body weight in water each day – e.g., 185 pounds = 92 ounces water/day.

Opt for Fruits and Veggies 

Things like potato chips, cream-filled snack cakes, coffee topped with calorie-loaded goodies, and wings coated with sauce can easily contribute to heart-related problems and increase your risk of developing diabetes. Green, leafy veggies and bright-colored citrus fruits, on the other hand, are packed with the nutrients needed to keep your immune system strong and promote good bone, muscle, eye, and digestive health. Some convenient ways to get the fruits and veggies you need while on the road include:

Treating yourself to delicious and nutritious veggie smoothies or shakes
Bringing carrot, celery, and other types of veggie sticks with you in small containers or zip-up baggies
Packing a snack bag with nutrient-packed kale chips, fiber-rich jicama sticks, or zucchini “fries”
Taking supplements when necessary to make up for nutritional deficiencies

Get Your Protein from Multiple Sources

Lean meats are just fine, but a steady diet of hearty steaks and burgers from roadside cafes and fast food places isn’t going to give you the full range of nutrients you need. Instead, get your protein from other sources like:

Protein drinks and Greek yogurt
Pumpkin seeds and nuts
Seafood – tuna has the most protein of any fish

Find Ways to Get Regular Exercise and Sleep

With exercise, there are simple stretches and workout routines you can do in your hotel room or even right in your truck cab (e.g., calf raises, seat pushes, and ab pulls). Also, use your days off to find forms of exercise that are also enjoyable, like swimming or bike riding. With sleep, try to get in at least eight hours of quality sleep daily to help your body stay refreshed.

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