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No Long Term Agreement

We provide a flexible arrangement so you can use us as you see fit.  We want to earn your business each and every day.  There’s no need to commit to a one year term agreement as most factoring companies require.  

If factoring isn’t working for you or if the factoring company you’re with doesn’t give you top notch service, you should be able to fire them.  Why should you be forced to pay for bad service?

At Pay4Freight we make it easy to get your funds once the load is delivered.


If our services are not working for you, we respect you enough that all you have to do is just give us notice, and once we’re paid in full, you’re free to leave without penalty. We collect $50 to cover the cost of terminating the UCC that was filed showing we were the factor of record and that is the only fee you will pay. We disclose this up-front because we believe in honesty.

You will get a full release letter so your client now knows who to pay your future load to.  Most other factors want you to provide them 30, 60, and even 90 days(!!!) advance notice prior to the anniversary date or your contract automatically renews for another one year term.

And once you give notice they begin to play games with your money.  That isn’t right at all. My goal is to help every client who entrusts us with their need of immediate cash to support their business, not to be an obstacle to hinder their growth or success.


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