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Our Pay4Freight Value of the Month


This month our value of the month is being kind without expecting anything in return.  Do something kind for someone – it can be a stranger or someone you know.

Making the World A Better Place:

One Interaction at a Time


When people are kind, they make the world a better place.  Here at Pay4Freight we know that every interaction is an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.

Share Your Story


If a stranger has been kind to you without expecting anything in return, please share your story.  Or if you like to do small acts of random kindness, please share your ideas so others can be inspired.

$1000 for Our Customer of the Year!!!


Every thought, story, or picture that you share on facebook will automatically make you eligible to win our Customer of the Year Award.

The customer of the year will receive $1000 on December 15th 2016 to have themselves a Merry Little Christmas.