Reading Time: 2 minutesPatience

We invite you to give yourself a moment and read this post patiently.

We live in a world that rewards speed. Set the Dead Line! Take Action! Get Results! Double Productivity! Speed is equated with high achievers coming out on top.

When is the last time you watched any kind of competition that rewarded patience rather than speed? The very idea is funny. Imagine a football match where everyone patiently waited for the ball to come to them.  It wouldn’t be much of a match.

So is there anything still to be said about patience? Is there still value in taking the time and allowing things to unfold at their own pace?

We think so. When we are patient we create a space in which awareness can grow.

If you’ve patiently gathered your information then when you do move, you can do so with full conviction. Furthermore, patience honors the humanity in all of us. If someone takes a little longer to do something, waiting patiently respects the fact that they are not a machine, but a fallible human just like you and me and everyone else.  We all are fallible humans. We space out, we make mistakes, we daydream, we stumble. None of us are perfect and those who think they are, soon learn that they are not.

Truck drivers have to negotiate stressful conditions on the road constantly.  Everything from bad drivers to bad weather, to mechanical breakdowns and strict deadlines. If there’s a group of people who have their patience constantly tested, surely it must be the folks who are on the road for most of the day.

At Pay4Freight we strive to be patient and friendly and polite to everyone who comes our way and perhaps that is why the relationships we form last for years.

We want to hear from you:

  • How do you stay patient?
  • Have you become more patient over the years?

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