When you are a truck driver you have to spend large amounts of time out on the road. Nothing is worse than being so far away from home when a family emergency strikes. I have been working for years for a transportation factoring company and would be away for two weeks at a time. I was what is called an over the road truck driver. This made it hard to be so far away when an emergency situation occurred and I was thousands of miles away from home.

A massive hurricane was heading in the direction of my home and family. I was worried about that, but there was no getting off to be with the family unless something happened. I had to watch the news reports and worrying as I was out on the road trying to do my job. The hurricane turned into a category 4 and the news reports continued to say widespread damage could occur. I just had to sit back idly and wait and see what came of it all. I wasn’t so much worried about my house it was my family that I was worried about. They had no place to evacuate to and had to ride out the storm.

The night that the hurricane I stayed tuned to the news reports and I could no longer get through to my family by phone. There was no way to contact them and find out if they were okay. This was very worrisome and all I could do was watch and wait. According to the news reports the hurricane passed over my home as a category 3 and all I could think was I got to get home to be with my family. The next day after the storm one of my family members was able to get through the phone line to let me know that everyone was okay. They told me everyone rode the storm out alright, but the home was severely damaged and they had to evacuate. At this point, I called dispatch to let them know that I had to leave in order to assist my family in the evacuation. The dispatch office was very helpful and got me directed to the nearest airport and sent me on my way home to help in the evacuation.