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Getting into the Freight factoring trucking industry is harder than one might realize. Trucking companies undertake a huge liability when they hire someone to drive their trucks. As such, they must be sure the person they are hiring is responsible, trustworthy and healthy enough for long days on the road. Finding a job in the trucking industry requires applicants to undergo a number of evaluations.

Driving Record

Since truck drivers are responsible for 80,000-pound trucks, all applicants must have good driving records. Companies typically look at driving records for at least the last three years. Some companies may choose to look further back than that, up to six years or more. Things such as speeding tickets, moving violations and accidents, whether at fault or not, will all be considered. Although a citation may not disqualify an applicant altogether, it is taken into consideration during the hiring process.

Alcohol-Related Violations

A DUI or DWI within the last five years will mostly likely bar an individual from employment for some trucking companies. However, most require at least 10 years, with no more than one violation.Employment HistoryIt is best to have a continuous and stable work history. A spotty works history needs to have an explanation included. Trucking companies will want to know why the applicant has long periods of unemployment or jobs lasting less than a year.

Criminal History

Most trucking companies will not hire someone who has a felony record less than five years old, including drugs, theft or violent offenses. To them, this may indicate a lack of responsibility and citizenship. If a charge is more than five years old, employment may still be possible if the applicant requests to talk with a recruiter. Misdemeanors are considered but typically do not bar an applicant from employment.

Physical Health

For safety reasons, some health issues will automatically disqualify a person from employment. Conditions that may interfere with safe driving, such as seizures, diabetes, sleep apnea or a history of heart attack or high blood pressure, must be taken into consideration. The Department of Transportation performs physicals on applicants and approves individuals for driving a truck.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

An applicant who has failed a drug or alcohol test within 10 years will most likely be denied. To be considered, the trucking company will want to see proof of approved status from a Substance Abuse Professional. Many companies perform random drug testing during employment.