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Pay4Freight is not just a freight factoring company. We are a family of individuals who come to work every day determined to give our partners our best effort—that means not just being efficient and professional, but also friendly and understanding. Many of our partners are not locally based and might never meet us in person.

The relationships that are fostered over many years are very real though.  Every month we highlight a Pay4Freight team member so that our partners can put a face to the voice on the other end of the line.  This month we caught up with our employee of the month, Kelli Podeyn:

What is your name?

  • My name is Kelli Podeyn

When did you start working for Pay4Freight?

  • I started working for Robert on a contract basis when the company started in March 2008, but became a full-time employee of Pay4Freight later that year in October.

What is your role at the company?

  • I began primarily as a document processor and have done a little bit of everything, working my way up to currently being the Accounting Manager.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

  • I love what we do for the small carriers. We want to help our carrier partners grow their business as big as they want it to be. Their success is our success and it’s awesome to see that we still have some of the same folks from around the start of our company. We run a very honest shop and it’s pretty nice to say that I’ve been a part of it for 8 and a half years.

Complete this sentence: If you really knew me, you’d know….

  • The ocean is my favorite place in the world – the salt water breeze and some sand between my toes makes me one happy lady!