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What is communication? The exchange of ideas, thoughts, and opinions between two or more people is called communication. There are several kinds of communication in the world like verbal communication, written communication, and gesture communication. Verbal communication is mostly used and applied communication in the world. Similarly, you can find numerous books and magazines in your library and they are included in written communication. Gesture communication involves the use of actions and body movements to express your ideas. Some people who are unable to speed use gesture communication to express their information. These all types of communications are very important for any person. What is the role of communication in our life? Communication plays very important role in our life. If you can communicate well then you will enjoy success at every stage of your life. Communication requirement and style is different in each state due difference in their culture. Therefore you should learn how to communicate with students and truck drivers. You cannot apply the same techniques of communication to drivers and officers due to differences in their environment. Most of the officers say that truck drivers don’t understand their opinions and thoughts. Similarly on the other hand truck drivers also claim the same thing that officers don’t understand our requirements. It is a real fact that both are true in their opinion but the difference in their culture is the main fault.

Basic problems of Truck drivers

Truck factoring drivers cannot communicate in the same way as most of officers communicate. The main reason is the difference in their culture. Officers always stay in the office and speak to well-mannered people. On the other hand, drivers always stick to the seats of their truck and they enjoy limited communication. Drivers mostly communicate with their friends who are also drivers. Therefore their communication style doesn’t improve with time. Most truck drivers don’t convey their message to officers in a better way due to this problem. Therefore clashes are very common among truck drivers and their officers. It is very important to deal with this problem.

What strategy drivers should adopt

Drivers should keep in touch with officers and other educated people. They should communicate with outside people to enhance the way of communication. It is not better to stick to the seat of the truck instead they should spend several hours in communication with other people. The use of the internet and books is also effective to deal with this problem.