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Capitalism, What’s It Good For?

With July upon us and the Independence Day holiday giving us a time to rest and reflect on our country and our values, it’s the perfect opportunity to take stock of the economic system that many of us take for granted. So this month we take a closer look at capitalism.

Capitalism Promotes Social Good

Some people may raise their eyebrows at this, but consider that every job and industry benefit many, many people. Every transaction creates the means for individuals, families, and society as a whole to prosper. As a trucker, you help move goods across a region or even across the country—goods that consumers otherwise wouldn’t be able to access. No matter what the job, you are doing your part for society.

Rewards for Hard Work

People fuel a capitalist economy by working hard to meet their own needs. In turn, this spurs competition, which is an essential part of a working economy and moves civilization forward.

Being the Best at What You Do

If you love your job, you take pride in it. Being the best at what you do not only have advantages for you and your family but for those you serve.


In some communist societies, some people have been forced to follow a certain career. In a capitalist society like the United States, you have the freedom to pursue your own career path.


Democracy and capitalism go hand in hand. You have the power to change things with your vote or with where and how you spend your money.


Capitalism allows exponential growth. The more money you make, the more you can invest it back in your business.


According to the University of Leicester in Great Britain, the happiest countries are countries where capitalism allows people the means and the freedom to work towards their dreams and prosper.

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