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‘Tis the season to make the trucker in your life happy with a special gift. Yes, an “I heart Truckers” tee is one way to go. But if you prefer something a bit more practical that your truck-driving spouse, loved one, or friend will actually use and appreciate while on the road, here are some suggestions. 

Truck Route GPS or App 

Truckers need to get where they have to go as quickly and efficiently as possible. So, the trucker on your Christmas list will definitely appreciate a high-quality GPS device. If you prefer something a bit more affordable, consider sending them a handy smartphone app that serves the same purpose. Look for route suggestion solutions that include such things as:

• Height clearance details
• Truck-prohibited routes
• Updated traffic info (e.g., lane closures, construction areas)
• Route suggestions based on details such as height and gross vehicle weight

Bonus Suggestion: Some routes get into remote areas where GPS devices or smartphones don’t work well. For situations like this, consider giving the trucker on your list a specialized trick atlas.

Portable Vehicle Safe 

Leaving personal or business-related belongings unattended in a truck cab can be risky. One way to solve this problem is with a portable vehicle safe that can be conveniently carried by the driver when they have to leave their truck.

Truck Mattress or Electric Blanket 

If the trucker in your life sometimes sleeps in their rig, consider giving them a truck mattress and/or an electric blanket. These items can be especially beneficial when a stop-over is in an area where accommodations are scarce or not affordable. With mattresses, consider giving a gift certificate since everybody has different personal preferences with sleep comfort.

Bonus Suggestion: For times when a rest stop shower is all that’s available, make it easier for the trucker in your life to get refreshed with a grab-and-go shower caddy.

Pressure Relieving Cushion 

Long hours on the road can be hard on the spine, particularly the neck and lower back. This is why a pressure relieving cushion is sure to be greatly appreciated. Consider variations such as:

• U-shaped neck pillows
• Lumbar-support cushions
• Heated truck seat cushions

Entertainment Gifts 

Listening to the radio that’s in a truck can quickly become frustrating as signals come and go. So, consider giving an XM Satellite radio as a gift so they can enjoy a wide range of listening options. Another entertainment option is a subscription to an audiobook service so a driver can pick and choose their preferred books.

Convenience Items 

Make it easy for the trucker on your list to keep their devices charged with a power inverter or USB converter. Another convenience item to consider is a portable fridge that can be powered by a truck’s battery. This is also a great way to encourage a trucker to eat healthier by minimizing fast food stops.

First-Aid Kit 

For times when drivers aren’t able to seek immediate medical care for minor issues, a first-aid kit can prove to be invaluable. If you plan to give one as a gift, make sure it’s stocked with essentials such as:

• Bandages, gauze, and compression wraps
• Burn ointment and antiseptics
• Common medications (e.g., aspirin, allergy pills)

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