has joined forces with Ironhorse Dispatch to offer an exclusive dispatch service to our Carriers.  If you are ready to experience the same high level of customer service that you have at, then you owe it to yourself to check out Ironhorse Dispatch.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I averaging $3,000 per week in loads?
  • Who fills out my Carrier Packets and how much time do I spend on paperwork instead of driving?
  • Am I making as much or more on backhauls as I make on my primary load?

Ironhorse Dispatch is a Veteran-owned company.  The dispatchers at Ironhorse have over 40 years of combined logistics experience and have dispatched thousands of loads.  They think like you do and never forget that YOU are the boss!

Stop wasting your valuable time at truck stops and rest areas looking for loads!

  • Ironhorse dispatchers use top-of-the-line loadboard subscriptions and software to lead you to the hotspots in the U.S. for top-paying freight.
  • Additionally, they use the GPS technology on your smartphone to provide a tracking app as part of their services.
  • This new technology alerts them where our carriers are located instead of you having the distractions of brokers and dispatchers constantly calling for updates.

Just like, there are no long-term contracts with Ironhorse Dispatch.  This makes them earn your trust and business with every single load.  Ironhorse Dispatch is a fee-based service.  You don’t pay one single dime until you are paid for your load.  Factor the load with us at, and they will take the dispatch fees directly out of your factoring proceeds.  It’s as simple as that.

Check out the website at or the Facebook page at  If you are ready to work smarter and not harder, give your representative a call, and they will put you in contact with Ironhorse Dispatch.